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Microfilm of Newspapers added to Research Library

June 1st, 2014 | No Comments

Long Prairie Todd County Argus: January 12, 1876 through November 29, 1917
Long Prairie Todd County Tribune: June 6, 1918 through March 2, 1922
Long Prairie Democrat: August 15, 1902 through February 28, 1908
Long Prairie Leader: May 6, 1891 through December 2012
Bertha Herald: October 14, 1915 through July 8, 1920
Bertha Herald: October 1, 1942 through October 30, 1975
Browerville Wave: May 1, 1903 through August 7, 1903
Todd County Progressive: April 11, 1940 through April 24, 1941
Browerville Blade: May 1, 1941 through December 28, 2012
Clarissa Todd County Independent: January 5, 1907 through March 4, 1910
Clarissa Independent: March 11, 1910 through July 28, 1992
Clarissa Independent News Herald: January 7, 1998 through 2007
Clarissa Independent News Herald: 2009 through 2012
Eagle Bend News: July 17, 1941 through October 25, 1984
Eagle Bend News Herald: October 31, 1984 through July 29, 1992
Eagle Bend Independent News Herald: August 5, 1992 through December 31, 1997
Grey Eagle Gazette: February 13, 1941 through June 22, 1977
**Grey Eagle Gazette 1908 (partial) to prior to 1941 in bound copies in Grey Eagle Library
Hewitt Banner: February 6, 1941 through March 23, 1944
The Presto Change(Staples): April 18, 1891 through February 20, 1892
Staples World: February 27, 1892 through December 27, 1928
Staples World: January 1929 through December 2012

Books for sale in Museum Store

June 1st, 2014 | No Comments

Gift Shop

Abercrombie Trail by Candace Simar
Birdie by Candace Simar
Birds of MN Audio CD by Stan Tekiela
Birds of MN Field Guide by Stan Tekiela
Blooming Prairie by Candace Simar
Chickadee’s Message by Douglas Wood
Critters of Minnesota by Ann E. McCarthy
Days on the Family Farm by Carrie Meyer
Frog in the House by David Mather & Stephanie Mirocha
Frozen by Mary Casanova
His Name was Merle by Lynda Converse
Honor the Grandmothers(Dakota & Lakota Women tell their stories) by Sarah Penman
Hot Dish Heaven by Ann L. Burckhardt
Last Full Measure by Richard Moe
Memory of Trees by Gayla Marty
Minnesota Barns by Will Weaver, Photography by Doug Ohman
Mishomis Book(Voice of the Ojibway) by Edward Benton-Banai
MNI Sota Makoce by Gwen Westerman and Bruce White
Murder in Minnesota by Walter N. Trenerry
Philbrook History by L.E.Huff
Pomme de Terre by Candace Simar
Red River Trails by Roda R. Gilman, Carolyn Gilman & Deborah M. Stultz
The Haymakers by Steven R. Hoffbeck
Trees of Minnesota Field Guide by Stan Tekiela
Wildflowers of Minnesota by Stan Tekiela

Family Genealogies on File in Museum

April 11th, 2014 | No Comments

Arnold Family (Memoirs-My First 25 Years, Long Prairie)
Batcher and Melugin
Berscheit, John Family
Biermaier, Emma John (My Little Emka)
Blais Family (2 books)
Bous ll Family
Bridges – Hamlin Families
Brooks & Waters Families
Brown Family
Cebulla Family
Chlup-Bures-Cekal-Jelinek Families
Claseman Family (located on top of the shelf)
Cline, Peter and Michael
Cline Pioneer Family
Cline, William Family
Cowdery Genealogy
Crabtree-Delsing Family ( Memoirs-The Life of a Midwest Country Girl)
Czech-Bartylla-Buhl Families
Dahlman, L.A. Family
Deering-Spot Clan
Denny Family
Drayna, George Family
Drayna, Michael Family
Drayna, Peter Family
Eriksdotter-Sisters (Three Sisters from Nordmark)
Fischer, Louis and Pauline
Fisher, Henry and Annie
Freie-Guentzel/Tesch (August)-Peterson (Andrew)
Grosenick, Johan and Augusta
Hansen, Michael Family
Harkcom, James l and ll
Harckom, William lll and lV
Heffron, Lewis and Marion Family
Heiling, Puhr, Maschler, Traid Families
Heiling, Frank and Julia Maschler Families
Hengemuhle-Gothman-Strack Families
Jacobson, The David Jacobson Family Century Farm
Jambor, John Family
Jeppeson and Strobeck Family
Joarnt, Charles Family
Johnson-Peterson Family
Johnson Brothers (Civil War)
Kendall-Gelette Family
Kotval, Kopecka Family
Koval, Peter Family
Kuhne Family
Lanphear Family
Larson Family
Laumeyer, George John family
Lawin and Werner Family
Lawin-Werner-Woell Families
Lekvold Family
Lenz and Kopp Family
Lewis and Sutton Family
Lucas Family
Lunser Family
McColley, Sadie Family
Madigan Family
Martenson (Military 2011)
Masonic Family
Mayerchak, Gail Crabtree (Growing Up in Todd County)
Meeder, Philippe Family
Merrett Family
Moen, Andreas Family
Motzko Family
Nanik Family
Nesslein Family
Neumann, Frank Family History 1860-1893
Neumann, Frederick (Fred) Family History 1822-1901
Neuman, Frank Anthony Family 1891-1950
Nickerson, Levi Wilson Family
Nimmo, Mary Cummings (When Grandma Was a Little Girl)
Patzoldt Family
Pollok Family
Prill, Edward Frederick Family History 1895-1971
Pulkrabek Family
Recktenwald F. Family
Recktenwald, Peter Family
Reichert, George J. Family
Reichert, George M.
Reichert, Ignatius Family
Reichert, Robert Family
Rohde, Ella Bertha (Fuller Olin)-Memories of Other Days
Sargeant, S. S.
Schomaker Family
Schultex Family
Schultz, Edward Martin Family History 1806-1971
Smith, Kingsley Family
Spieker, Franz J. Family
Strack, Valona Family
Stratsmeyer Family (Vol. 1 & 2; plus addendum)
Thornbloom, Iver Carl Family
Triebenbach Legacy
Troug, Mrs. August (The First 20 Years of my Life 1896-1915)-top shelp
Vangstad, Mikal Olsen Family
Warzecha Family
Weller, Sarah Family
Wheeler Family
Wieland, John F. Family

Glenn and Geneva Pesta Farm

August 13th, 2012 | No Comments

Click any picture below to enlarge…

Joe and Mary Pesta

Frank and Ragnhild Pesta 2/13/1923

Original log cabin before 1919

John, Barbara, Frank and Ragnhild Pesta and family

Farm photo early 1940’s

Farm photo 2010

Larry L. and Lavonne A. Wegner Farm

August 13th, 2012 | No Comments

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Century Farm Certificate 1996

Wegner Farm Centennial

Wegners celebrate 100 year old farm article

Wegners celebrate 100 year old farm article continued

Walter and Hazel Wiese Farm

August 13th, 2012 | No Comments

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History of Wiese Family farm

August Jasmer Family and House

August Jasmer hen house

Farm photo 7/4/1918

House 8/24/1938

Howard and Dennis Tyrrell Farm

August 13th, 2012 | No Comments

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Jay and Stella Tyrrell

Howard and Marlys Tyrrell

School District 59 students

Souviner of School District Batavia #54

Truman Tyrrell’s letter home during Civil War April 19, 1865

Jay Tyrrell’s receipts

Jay Tyrrell’s receipts

Jay Tyrrell’s receipts

Duane and Shirley Laumeyer Farm

August 13th, 2012 | No Comments

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Amanda and Gustav Buelow and family

Duane (Shorty) and Shirley Buelow)Laumeyer

Barn Construction

1950 milk cans

Horse and buggy with feed sack

Aireal Photo

Theodore and Judy Kramer Farm

August 13th, 2012 | No Comments

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Kramer farm history

Kramer farm history continued

Theodore I and Francis Kramer

Theodore II and Violet Kramer

Theodore III and Judy Kramer

Kramer ledger from 1947 for purchases

Barn, December 1974


Putting up new light pole


David and Georgetta Kohlhase Farm

August 13th, 2012 | No Comments

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Edward Kohlhase family

Edward Kohlhase family by house

Farm building photo in 1876

Barn Built in 1892 by Edward Jacob Kohlhase