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Todd County Trivia

  1. Who is Todd County named after?
  2. When was Todd County officially organized?
  3. Name three towns in Todd County.
  4. How many townships are there in Todd County?
  5. Name three post offices that no longer exist.
  6. How many acres are in Todd County?
  7. What percentage of Todd County area is water?
  8. Name three rivers in Todd County.
  9. Where is the highest elevation in the county?
  10. Where is the lowest elevation in the county?
  11. What two federal highways run through Todd County?
  12. Where is the geographical center of Minnesota?
  13. Name two major crops raised in Todd County.
  14. Name two of the ten largest lakes in Todd County.
  15. How many miles wide is Todd County?
  16. How many miles long is Todd County?
  17. Name the county seat of Todd County.
  18. What two Indian tribes lived in Todd County?
  19. What years was the Winnegago Indian Agency in Long Prairie?
  20. How many lakes are there in Todd County?

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